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 Théâtre de la Mode 

2006 - City Style

Basic Dolls-

Blush & Bashful Basics

Each B&B Basic includes print chemise, panties, injection molded one-piece sandals and a custom stand.


Blush & Bashful Basic Tyler Wentworth®

BASIC DOLL             BW STYLE    T6-TWBD-01

OPEN $59.99

Raven hair; green forward-glancing eyes






Blush & Bashful Basic Esmé

BASIC DOLL             BW STYLE    T6-TWBD-02

OPEN $59.99

Rust hair; brown forward-glancing eyes






Blush & Bashful Basic Jac

BASIC DOLL             BW STYLE    T6-TWBD-03

OPEN $59.99

Standard Brunette micro braid hair; brown forward glancing eyes






Blush & Bashful Basic Sydney Chase™

BASIC DOLL             BW STYLE    T6-TWBD-04

OPEN $59.99

Saffron/Sable Blend hair; blue forward-glancing eyes






Check This Out! Tyler Sydney & Esmé wearing soft tiny check prints in three smashing ensembles!


Check This Out! Tyler Wentworth® (RIGHT)



LE 1200


Sable blended hair on Tyler head sculpt with Tyler BW body wearing check jacket and high-waisted skirt over knit tank; includes hosiery, shoes and display stand.


Check This Out! Sydney Chase™ (ABOVE LEFT)



LE 1200


Redhead Sydney head sculpt on Tyler BW body wearing tank-style check belted dress; includes hosiery, shoes and display stand.


Check This Out! Esmé (ABOVE CENTER)



LE 1200


Brunette rooted tight curly hair Esmé sculpt on Tyler BW body wearing tank and Capri pant ensemble with piqué jacket; includes shoes and display stand.

2006 Haute Couture-

Citrine Dream - Tyler Wentworth®


LE500                       $199.99

Honey Blonde hair; green forward-glancing eyes

Tyler wears a micro-sequined chiffon sheath with a chiffon overlay and hand-beaded detail at the shirred bodice.  Includes hose, earrings, shoes and custom stand.



Wild Spice - Tyler Wentworth®


LE1000         $139.99

NEW Chestnut/Amber Red Blend hair; brown forward-glancing eyes

Tyler glides in this plunging neckline confection of printed chiffon, gathering at the waist center front, anchored by hand-beaded detail.  She also wears a long sleeve shrug trimmed in faux fur at the cuffs.  Includes hose, earrings, shoes and a custom stand.





LE 1000


Blonde Tyler head sculpt on Tyler BW Body wearing a print chiffon, generously shirred and ruffled into a mermaid-style hem; includes headband, earrings, necklace, bracelet, hosiery, shoes and display stand.


High Style Grand Finale Tyler Wentworth®
Reverie Publishing Exclusive Edition
LE 750 - $200.00

The first Tyler with applied eyelashes is a brunette with green eyes and an articulated body (no bending wrists). She wears a gown with embroidered taffeta skirt accented with hand-beading, and a sheer blouse with stand-up organza collar, anchored with a pink chiffon sash and rhinestone brooch. Includes the high-gloss collector's magazine 'High Style' in it's fourth and final Issue.



IDEX Tyler & Marley Singing in the Rain

Gift Set LE300

Includes both dolls, outfits and accessories as shown; display stool is not included.







Manhattan Spark



LE 500

(Raven hair; blue forward glancing eyes; bending wrist body)


Tyler Wentworth® attends a special cocktail party and preview of the hottest new play on Broadway, ‘SPARK’, wearing a custom knit cashmere sweater adorned with hand-applied ‘sparks’ of beads and sequins over a brocade gold skirt with tiers of shimmering antiqued gold lace.  Includes display stand, hose, earrings and shoes.

This doll has been designed to commemorate the February 11th, 2006 Dinner with Tyler Wentworth® event to benefit Broadway Cares – Equity Fights AIDS.



Irish Incantation
FAO Schwarz Exclusive

LE 400





(Strawberry Blonde Hair; green forward glancing eyes; BW body)

Tyler Wentworth® was inspired to create her gown after receiving an invitation to the Irish Embassy's exclusive Gaelic Charity Ball.  The softly glowing green chiffon is accentuated by the glistening overlay of Leprechaun's Gold lace, crafted into a gorgeous off-the-shoulder Empire-waisted gown that finishes into a flowing mermaid tail.  Includes earrings, shoes, pantyhose, and a custom display stand.




Holiday Treasure Tyler Wentworth®

LE 300

Two Daydreamers Exclusive

All that glitters in this case is Tyler!  Tyler Wentworth® attends the Annual Manhattan Golden Gala to benefit the Holiday Treasure Toy Drive; she is shimmering in a gold cocktail dress of her own design with microsequined silk chiffon bodice and a generously flounced chiffon skirt; over this an amazing brocade coat with hand-applied micro-sequined detail.  Tyler has hand-painted hazel/gray eyes and dark auburn rooted saran hair.



OOAK Auction to benefit Toys for Tots

Click here for more info on Toys For Tots

This exquisite OOAK was auctioned at the November 4th, 2006 event with all proceeds to benefit TOYS for TOTS.


La Flambée Tyler Wentworth®

LE 50

Paris Fashion Doll Festival Centerpiece







Jeweled Rose Tyler


To Benefit American Heart Association - Go Red for Women








Metrostyle Tyler Wentworth®

LE 300

MetroDolls Exclusive


Included extra skirt as shown





West End Opening Tyler Wentworth®

LE 100

London Fashion Doll Tea Souvenir

Note: Does not include 'Kensington Gardens Riley by Helen Kish






Winter Fantasy Centerpiece

LE 50

Boston Winter Fantasy Extravaganza

includes both dolls



Dinner with Russell


LE500                       $129.99

Raven hair; brown side-glancing eyes

Esmé wears a classically shaped cocktail dress with applied raw-edged bias strips.  Includes earrings, bracelet, shoes, hose and custom stand.



Sydney Chase™

Pure Platinum - LE 250

Sydney Chase arrives at the opening of the new 'Pure Platinum' exhibit of antique jewelry in the Manhattan Museum of Natural Arts wearing her original Tyler Wentworth®-designed gown & opera coat.


Byzantine - Sydney Chase™


LE500                       $249.99

Raven hair; blue forward-glancing eyes

Sydney radiates in antique gold micro-sequined chiffon with concentric bands of ‘antiqued’ lace at bust, hip, knee and hemline.  Includes hose, earrings, shoes and custom stand.



Central Park Stroll - Sydney Chase™


LE1500         $109.99

Features NEW flat foot sculpt; 'Chelsea' handbag sold separately; Saffron/Sable Blend hair; brown forward-glancing eyes.

Macramé-inspired bolero top over tank top with batik skirt; includes flat foot sandals, panties, earrings and custom stand.



Modern Mood - Sydney Chase™


LE1500         $129.99

NEW Platinum WIGGED hair (not rooted); green side-glancing eyes. 

Layers and texture command this season’s look, such as this cocktail dress of semi-gloss square sequins layered with chiffon.  Includes earrings, shoes, hose and custom stand.



Winter Whisper Sydney Chase™



LE 1000


Platinum Sydney head sculpt with Tyler BW body wearing winter white tweed coat and matching skirt ensemble with custom cable knit short sleeve sweater and tie belt; includes earrings, handbag, tights, boots and display stand.


Sydney Imperiale
Premier Dealer Exclusive Edition
LE 500 - $134.99

Early 2006 Availability

(Saffron Hair, AR Body (no bending wrists), forward glancing blue eyes) – Sydney wears a black & white chiffon gown with a skirt of contrasting godets.

Winter Nocturne Sydney ChaseTM -

New Year's Brunch with Collectors United; featuring the Sydney of the Seasons #2  - Winter Nocturne (BW Style; full spaghetti strap gown, velvet jacket, velvet slim skirt and accessories as shown).





Winter Nocturne Table Favor








Sydney of the Seasons #3 - Spring Prelude

Special Edition

Collector's United Exclusive






Spring Prelude Table Favor






Sydney of the Seasons #4, Summer Concerto - the fourth and final doll in the Sydney of the Seasons Exclusive Set for Collector's United. 

Special Edition






Sydney Summer Concerto Table Favor

Swimsuit & Handbag









Calendar Girl
LE 500 - Reverie Publishing Exclusive

Calendar Girl Sydney Chase wears a cascading burnout chiffon gown with drop-waist shirring and tiers of ruffled layers.  She has hand-painted blue eyes and honey-blonde hair; her accessories include a matching shawl, earrings, hosiery and shoes.



Pastel Phoenix
LE 300 FAO Schwarz Las Vegas Signing Exclusive






Eternal Love - Holiday Dreams

Special Edition Collaborative Gift Set - LE 100

Exclusive Robert Tonner/Helen Kish collaborative giftset.



Eternal Love

Special Edition Collaborative Gift Set

by Robert Tonner & Helen Kish

"Eternal Love" ABSENTEE SETS - LE 200 (in floral theme outfits as pictured)






Winter Flame Sydney Chase

Special Edition

Exclusively for the Tonner Breakout Event at the Fashion Doll & Bear Extravaganza - September 21-24 – Boston, MA

'Legend in White' Companion Fur Coat in faux white fox available for separate purchase at the event.


Hautes Coloeurs
Special Edition

Paris Fashion Doll Festival







Mayfair Gala

London Fashion Doll Festival Banquet Souvenir







Sydney on the Rocks


Dollz in Oz September 2006 Event







Miss Sydney World


Haute Doll Exclusive Sydney & Cover Girl







Opening Night


Modern Doll Collector's Convention



Hots Spots (Pink)/Cool Spots (Green)

Special Editions

Collector's United Exclusives







Sleeping Beauty

IDEX Auction to benefit Children Affected By AIDS (CAAF) Foundation

Included repainted bed and linens, and Prince Charming (not shown)


Masks Off!

2006 Dream Halloween Los Angeles Auction to benefit Children Affected By AIDS





Les Etoiles Sydney

Paris Fashion Doll Festival One-of-a-kind Charity Auction








Collector's United Nashville Reverse Raffle







Chase Modeling Party

Sydney - LE500 (Brunette)

Marley - LE300 (redhead)

Sean - LE300 (Brunette Male)

Angelina/Jac - LE75 each (Seated/Seated on Floor)

Tonner Doll Fashionation Convention


Fashion Jane - Raven & Platinum

Open Edition

Tonner Collector's Club Exclusives







TRES CHIC Denim Charlotte


LE1000         $99.99

Platinum hair; blue forward-glancing eyes

Charlotte models the TRES CHIC Magazine ‘Signature Look’ while touring as the magazine’s top new face for 2006.  Includes denims, TRES CHIC graffiti tee and sash.  Includes shoes and a custom stand.



Radiant in Ruby Charlotte



LE 500


Raven rooted Charlotte head sculpt on Tyler BW body wearing shirred red lace gown with hand-beaded accents.  includes earrings, bracelet hosiery shoes and display stand.


Magnificent at Midnight Charlotte


London Fashion Doll Festival

LE 50






City Style Charlotte


LE1000         $159.99

Saffron hair; brown forward-glancing eyes (Charlotte uses the American Beauty Basics sculpt)

New to the Chase Modeling Team, Charlotte, a former beauty queen, wears the latest in city ensemble dressing.  The tweed coat bears flyaway fringe at the oversized collar, all over a layered 3/4-sleeve lace blouse with separate micro-sequined vest and lace skirt, garnished with a soutache belt.  Includes hose, handbag, shoes and a custom stand.


City Style Kit


LE1000         $159.99

Sunset Red hair; brown forward-glancing eyes

Warm tones compliment Kit in this rich melton-style coat over a coordinated long-sleeve, sequined blouse and high-waisted skirt pair.  Includes earrings, hose, shoes, handbag and custom stand.



City Style Carrie


LE750                       $159.99

Raven hair; blue forward-glancing eyes

About town never looked so stylish in this layered ensemble of sequined vest over long-sleeve chiffon blouse, and coordinating chiffon skirt; all under the magnificent swing coat of lightweight suiting, lined in a polka dot jacquard.  Includes hose, handbag, shoes and custom stand.



Midas Touch Jac


LE1000         $129.99

Standard Brunette hair; brown side-glancing eyes

Shimmering tulle mesh flirty cocktail dress with metallic chiffon underlining.  Includes earrings, bracelet, shoes, hose and custom stand.




Runway Rave Jac



LE 1000


Two-tone blonde/brunette Jac head sculpt on Tyler BW body wearing moss and loden shirred lace gown with mermaid-style hem; includes earrings, bracelet, hosiery, shoes and display stand.



Cherished Jac
Cherished Friends Exclusive

Visit Cherished Friends Website for all details - click here


(Blended Hair; brown forward glancing eyes; BW body)

"Cherished Jac" has a bendy wrist/articulated body and is wearing a peachy/pink
one piece lingerie with sheer overlay attached at the bust line.
Coordinating shoes and hair bow complete her look. Although shown in image, jewelry is not included.



Royal Red Jac

Special Edition

Collector's United Exclusive

Jac attends a Royal Reception for an international dignitary wearing a Tyler Wentworth® original gown of microsequined silk chiffon and layered chiffon skirt garnished in rows of ruffles at the hem.  The sequined bustier with a drop-waist draped chiffon sash and bow are removable for a completely new look!  Jac has raven hair and light brown eyes on the BW Style Body; includes bracelet, earrings, hosiery, shoes and display stand. 




IDEX Auction to benefit Hurricane Victims







Petulant Pink Stella


LE750                       $169.99

CORRECTION: Sable/Wheat Blonde Blended hair (Previously Pale Blonde hair - this was in error); pale blue-green forward-glancing eyes

Chase Modeling Agency’s Stella wears a frothy Empire-waist gown with a micro-sequined chiffon bodice and flowing lace skirt, secured in balance by a velvet sash and bow; one of the season’s newest youthful looks. Includes hose, earrings, shoes and a custom stand.


Purple Passion Stella


Modern Doll Collectors Convention Charity Auction







Toast of the Town Ashleigh
Two Daydreamers Exclusive Character

LE 300

(NEW Red WIGGED Hair (not rooted), BW Body, forward glancing brown eyes)

Ashleigh wear the NEW LOOK in City Ensemble dressing by Tyler Wentworth®; Empire-waist cocktail dress of layered chiffon and nude illusion lace bodice, all topped with a lavish black velvet coat with oversized collar and faux fur trimmed cuffs.



Stealing the Spotlight Ashleigh
Two Daydreamers Exclusive Character

$139.95 - LE 300

(BW Body; Blue forward glancing eyes; blended honey blonde hair, new lighter skin tone). Ashleigh arrives to a barrage of cameras wearing a layered lace and net cocktail dress with hand beaded accents at the net neckline and re-embroidered flowers along the scalloped net hemline. The net overlay is removable to reveal a sweetheart neckline dress with straps and shot with gold threads in the floral lace motif. Includes earrings, shoes, hosiery, bracelet and display stand.



Parisian Romantic

Suzette Dubois™

LE 300

Cherished Friends Exclusive Character


Dressed to the nines for the re-opening of the Grand Palais in Paris!


MetroDolls' Sweetheart Style

LE 250

MetroDolls Exclusive








Most Gracious

LE 100

Tonner Doll Convention 'Thank You' Doll given to Volunteers







Fleur de Lys Emilie

LE 200

Paris Fashion Doll Festival Exclusive







Les Etoiles Centerpiece

Les Etoiles Emilie - LE 150 (sculpted in different foot position than all other ballet dolls)

Les Etoiles Male Lead - LE 50

Modern Doll Collectors Convention Exclusive






LE 500

Tonner Doll Collectors Convention Banquet Souvenir - one-time-only sculpt









City Style-Cocoa Ensemble


LE 1000         $84.99             

This ensemble includes the deepest of cocoa hues in a beaded and embroidered long-sleeve blouse paired with a tweed belted skirt.  A velveteen coat, sumptuously lined in brocade with a fax fur trim collar, completes the look.  Includes hose, boots, handbag, and scarf.


Summer Shopping Matched Set

OUTFIT ONLY                       T6-TWOF-02

LE 1000         $69.99             

Includes matched summer cotton knit outfits for Tyler & Marley; Marley’s dress matches Tyler’s top set and belted white skirt.  Includes shoes, hose for Tyler and handbag.



Savvy Stripe

OUTFIT ONLY                       T6-TWOF-03

LE 1000         $69.99           

Earth-toned belted two-piece corduroy stripe suit with matching hose, and coordinating handbag & shoes; includes earrings.       





Impressionist Chic

OUTFIT ONLY                       T6-TWOF-04

LE 1000         $69.99             

A perfect summer dress in spotted print chiffon with a cascade of ruffles at the hemline and a ruched Empire-waist bodice.  Includes coordinating hose, shoes, wrap and earrings.




Feminine Charm

OUTFIT ONLY                       T6-TWOF-05

LE 1000         $69.99             

Two-piece day ensemble of crepe with flounces at the skirt, and a high-waist ribbon sash & bow. Includes hair bow clip, necklace, earrings, hose and shoes.




Dinner with Matt

OUTFIT ONLY                       T6-TWOF-06

LE 1000         $59.99             

A classically shaped cocktail dress with applied raw-edged bias strips, anchored by a black bow.  Includes earrings, hose and shoes.




Fashions of the Year Awards

OUTFIT ONLY                       T6-TWOF-07

LE 1000         $89.99            

Tyler Wentworth® designs a stunner for Kit to wear while attending the new media Fashions of the Year Awards as one of the ‘Faces of the Year’ nominees.  Kit’s gown is flowing in burn-out chiffon of cool colors with hand-beaded belt and halter collar.  Includes bracelet, earrings, hose and shoes.


Modern Style


LE 300







Summer Fling (left)

Spring Fling (right)


LE 150 Each


Included one pair of shoes each






Tyler Wentworth®

Outfit of the Month Club - LE 200

In December 2006, your basic Tyler Wentworth® doll arrives - then each exciting month after the next, a new outfit arrives beginning with Resortwear in January to Holiday Glamour in November.  Please check FAO website for complete descriptions and ordering information - click here.






























City Style-Verdigris



LE 1000


Tweed coat bearing flyaway fringe at the oversized collar, all over a layered 3/4-sleeve lace blouse with separate micro-sequined vest and lace skirt, garnished with a soutache belt; includes hose, handbag and shoes. Note: City Style Charlotte will ship as scheduled; this ensemble is being offered as an additional option to those that wish to have the outfit only.


Midnight Kiss



LE 1000


Layered laminated sparkle tulle cocktail dress over knit with attached flounced hemline, secured at waist with velvet belt; includes headband, hosiery, earrings, bracelet, hosiery and shoes.


Chiffon Charade



LE 1000


Printed chiffon shirred at waist/hip line with flowing open skirt; includes earrings, bracelet, hosiery and shoes.



Little Truffle



LE 1000


Layered burnout cocoa chiffon dress trimmed with crystal beading at neckline and covered in a belted organza coat; includes earrings, hosiery and shoes.



Tyler Wentworth® Ready-To-Wear Boutique™

When it comes to perfect wardrobe dressing, Tyler Wentworth® knows how to make stylish statements with flirty, feminine appeal.  Set before you are the ‘must-haves’ of the season – the perfect finishing touches that everyone will be talking about this year, and the oh-so-perfect accessories that make your wardrobe shine!  Choose select pieces to update a classic look, or create entirely new visions that will leave everyone breathless.



FALL in Love



Tyler Wentworth®

Ready-To-Wear Boutique

Romance Collection Exclusives





















Velvet Drama Evening Coat



LE 1000


Velvet coat with faux fox trim and attached soutache belt.




Velvet Drama Dress



LE 1000


Velvet cocktail dress with organza flounces and attached rhinestone brooch.





Velvet Drama Bustier



LE 1000


Velvet Bustier with pink ribbon sash and attached rhinestone brooch.


Sheer Blush Blouse



LE 1000


Sheer organza blouse with attached belt and rhinestone buckle.


Sparkle Pants (Shown Left)



LE 1000


Micro-sequin silk chiffon pants. 


Sparkle Bustier



LE 1000


Micro-sequin silk chiffon bustier.



Blush Long Skirt



LE 1000


Shantung evening skirt with flared skirt; shown with Velvet Drama Bustier (sold separately).



Blush Short Skirt



LE 1000



Shantung short skirt; shown with Velvet Drama Bustier (sold separately).







FAO Exclusives:

FAO Exclusive Romance Collection-Blush Cocktail Dress





FAO Exclusive Romance Collection-  Blush Short Skirt



FAO Exclusive Romance Collection-Sparkle Skirt






FAO Exclusive Romance Collection-Velvet Drama Gown








2006 Mainline Collection

Coats- LE 1000 each style

Classic Navy



Tailored coat with belt with notched lapels.  Coordinates with Classic Navy Skirt on Page 18 (sold separately).









Checker Bold



Flannel style blended coat with oversized collar and cuffs, trimmed in fringed flannel; includes sash-style belt.             










Red  Perfection



Tailored double breasted velvet coat with portrait collar.









Sweaters- LE 1000 each style


Midtown Blue T6-BQAC-18  $34.99

(Lower Left) Custom knit tie-front cardigan with hand-applied sequins.

East Side Panache T6-BQAC-19  $34.99           

(Lower Right) Custom knit wrap style long sleeve sweater with metallic fringe ruffled accents.

Soho Short Sleeve T6-BQAC-20  $29.99

(Upper Left) Exclectic custom knit with hand-embroidered detail.

Fifth Avenue Stripes          T6-BQAC-21  $24.99

(Upper Right) Custom knit striped long sleeve cardigan.


Finishing Touches- LE 1000 each style


All That Glitters Jewelry    T5-BQSA-01 $39.99             

Rhinestone necklace with earring studs that have detachable drops.






Radical Steps Boot Set    T6-BQAC-01 $59.99

With zipper closures.




Precious Steps Shoe Set T6-BQAC-02  $44.99             

Fun metallic faux leathers.




Confetti Color Shoe Pack  T6-BQAC-03  $39.99           

Set of seven one-piece, injection molded shoes.




Shoe Bazaar  T6-BQAC-04  $44.99           

‘Couture’ shoes with hand-beaded embellishments.


(Left to right)

The Compton Bag  T6-BQAC-29  $19.99             

The Sydney Bag  T6-BQAC-30  $19.99

The Broadway Bag  T6-BQAC-31  $19.99   



The Chelsea Bag  T6-BQAC-32  $19.99  






The London Bag

LE 100

London Fashion Doll Convention Exclusive Table Favor





Pants/Skirts- LE 1000 each style


(Left) Simply Wild Chiffon Pants

T6-BQAC-08  $19.99             

Print chiffon pants includes sash belt.

(Right) Avenue Brocade Pants

T6-BQAC-10  $19.99           

Fitted brocade floral pants.


Deep Colors Brocade Pants

T6-BQAC-09  $19.99

Coordinates with Deep Colors Brocade Jacket below (sold separately)






Royal Stride Skirt

T6-BQAC-12  $19.99 

Chiffon layered skirt; coordinates with Deep Colors Brocade Jacket (sold separately)






Classic Navy Skirt

T6-BQAC-13  $14.99 

Coordinates with Classic Navy Coat (sold separately).







Ruffled Confection Skirt

T6-BQAC-14  $24.99           

Spiraling texture with ruffled tulle and hand-applied sequins.







Fuchsia Beauty Skirt

T6-BQAC-15  $24.99             

Chiffon layered skirt; coordinates with Formal Lace Top Set(sold separately).






Tops/Blouses/Jackets- LE 1000 each style


Formal Lace Top Set

T6-BQAC-24  $34.99  

Lace wrap top trimmed in velvet, includes satin camisole underneath; coordinates with Fuchsia Beauty Skirt (sold separately).





Deep Colors Brocade Jacket

T6-BQAC-22  $29.99 

Avante-garde jacket with stand up collar, oversized cuffs, and a blue corsage; coordinates with Deep Colors Brocade Pants & Royal Stride Skirt (each sold separately).





(Left to right)

Black Portrait Top  T6-BQAC-33  $11.99

Off-the-shoulder knit top with gold thread throughout.

Superstar Noir Jacket T6-BQAC-23  $29.99

(Jacket only) Fitted jacket with star sequin appliqué.

Pink Frills Camisole T6-BQAC-27  $14.99

Ruffled pink lace in layers.


(Left) Lime Baby Doll Top

T6-BQAC-28  $19.99  

Chiffon v-neck, Empire-waist top.

(Right) Citrus Baby Doll Top

T6-BQAC-25  $19.99 

Chiffon top with Empire waist and ruched bustline, secured with satin ribbon.



Wild Thing Print Blouse

T6-BQAC-34  $19.99

Chiffon print blouse with applied ribbon. 






Happy Hour Cocktail Dress

LE 500

Tonner Doll Fashionation Collectors Convention Table Favor


One Step Forward Shoes/Bag Set

LE 500

Tonner Doll Fashionation Collectors Convention Bag Favor



Tyler's Pique PJs

PJs Only with slippers

LE 500

Tonner Doll Fashionation Collectors Convention Slumber Party Favor


Rocky Mountain Tumble

Crutches & Cast Set

LE 500

Tonner Doll Fashionation Collectors Convention Brunch Favor


Marley Wentworth™

Basic Dolls/Accessories-

Ocean Mist Basics

Basic dolls include bathing suit, sunglasses, sandals and custom stand.


Ocean Mist Basic Marley Wentworth™ - Blonde

BASIC DOLL             T6-MWBD-01

OPEN $54.99

Pale Blonde hair; brown side-glancing eyes






Ocean Mist Basic Marley Wentworth™ - Brunette

BASIC DOLL             T6-MWBD-02

OPEN $54.99

Umber Brunette hair; green side-glancing eyes



Ocean Mist Basic Marley Wentworth™ - Redhead

BASIC DOLL             T6-MWBD-03

OPEN $54.99

Standard Red hair; blue forward-glancing eyes







Marley's Sweet Dreams Bed


OPEN $99.99

Includes bed and linens as shown.



Dressed Dolls-

Marley's First Dance

DRESSED DOLL                 T6-MWDD-01

LE1000 $114.99

Summer Blonde hair; green forward-glancing eyes

Metallic chiffon bodice with spaghetti straps over layered crinkle chiffon skirt secured at waist with a bow.  Includes necklace, hair trim, hose, shoes and custom stand.



School Recital

DRESSED DOLL                 T6-MWDD-02

LE1000 $99.99

Pale Blonde hair; blue forward-glancing eyes

Belted crochet top with embroidered cotton skirt trimmed in coordinating lace trim.  Includes panties, sandals and custom stand.




Marley Wentworth

Holiday Marley - LE 300

Manhattan's favorite fashion designer, Tyler Wentworth® has created a darling confection for her little sister, Marley!

FAO Schwarz Exclusive




Violin First Chair



LE 1000


Curley redhead Marley wearing velvet bodice dress with hand-beaded neckline detail and an attached layered organza and lace skirt; includes violin and bow, tights, shoes and display stand.



Spring Break

OUTFIT ONLY                       T6-MWOF-01

LE1500 $44.99 

Fleece jacket with hand-sewn ribbon edging, knit tee and tiered multi-print skirt.  Includes sandals.




Perfect Little Lady

OUTFIT ONLY                       T6-MWOF-02

LE1500 $49.99 

Illusion layered dressing with black knit bodysuit, trimmed in white under collar and cuffs (not a separate shirt) with plaid skirt and coordinating sash.  Includes tights and shoes.




City Girl

OUTFIT ONLY                       T6-MWOF-03

LE1500 $54.99

Hooded plaid duffle coat over custom knit sweater and distressed, pre-washed jeans; includes boots.



Check This Out! Marley Wentworth™



LE 1000


Blonde Marley wearing tiny check print sundress; includes kerchief, basket w/napkin, shoes and display stand.






LE 1000


 Cotton two-piece pajama ensembles with terry robe and belt; includes slippers.



A Day in the Sun



LE 1000


Knit top with embroidered/sequined detail over crinkle cotton ombré-dyed with metallic thread skirt; includes handbag and sandals.


Valentine Sweet



LE 1000


Long-sleeve knit top with bow accent over layered flocked and mettalic tulle party skirt; includes Valentine box, tights and shoes.


Rocky Mountain Marley
Denver Doll Emporium Exclusive


Blonde – LE 150 ~ Brunette – LE 150

French braided ponytail; both have blue eyes with a slight left side-glance.

Marley Wentworth™ loves winter sports and is always attired for the mood by big sis, Tyler Wentworth™. Marley wears a lightweight pink knit turtleneck with pale cream corduroy pants under a satin quilted ski jacket with faux fox trim. includes boots, gloves, striped scarf and a custom display stand.



Summer Vacation Marley Gift Set

LE 300 - EPCOT Teddy Bear & Doll Weekend Exclusive





Cherished Marley
LE 300 - Cherished Friends, Too! Exclusive

Raven Hair & Lilac Eyes







Matt O'Neill™


Russell Williams - 2006 Basic









Changing of the Guard Centerpiece

LE 30

London Fashion Doll Festival









GENT Wardrobe by Tyler Wentworth®-

LE 1000 each style outfit/separates



Gent Set Suit

OUTFIT ONLY           T6-MOOF-01             $69.99

Includes shirt, tie, belt, socks & shoes.







Gent Set Corduroys (incl. belt) T6-MOAC-04  $19.99

Gent Set Stripe Sweater T6-MOAC-13  $24.99              

Black Shoes & Socks T6-MOAC-07  $14.99


GENT CASUAL (All Separates)

Gent Casual Sealskin Coat  T6-MOAC-05  $34.99              

Gent Casual Brown Pants T6-MOAC-17  $19.99              

Gent Casual Tweed Pants (incl. belt) T6-MOAC-18  $19.99

Gent Casual Natural Stripe Shirt T6-MOAC-01  $14.99            

Gent Casual Shirt Set T6-MOAC-02  $19.99**              

Gent Casual Rambler T6-MOAC-12   $34.99              

Brown Shoes & Socks T6-MOAC-08  $14.99              


**Shirt Set includes short sleeve tee shown in 'Casual' Group and long sleeve burgundy tee shown in 'Country' group.


GENT COUNTRY (All Separates)

Gent Country Pea Coat T6-MOAC-15  $34.99              

Gent Country Denims T6-MOAC-03  $19.99              

Gent Country Plaid Shirt T6-MOAC-11  $14.99              

Gent Country Ski Sweater T6-MOAC-06  $24.99  

Ankle Boots & Socks  T6-MOAC-10  $24.99  






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