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 Théâtre de la Mode 

2001 - Ovation

2001 Display Dolls
Image shows two types of Display Dolls; the two at the right were styles from 2002; the two to the right are styles from 2001; the gold labeling on the box is also shown here.  The inset shows a close-up of the wrist tag.



In 2001, Tonner Doll Company released the first set of Display Dolls, each wearing outfits from 2000 and 2001.  The dolls were dressed inhouse and varied in character and hairstyles (only Tyler and Esmé dolls were used).  There was no specific count of how many were made for each style; it is believed less than 50 exist of each outfit.  The dolls had gold wrist tags that said ‘Authorized Display Doll’ and the boxes also carried gold stickers saying the same thing.  From 2002, in addition to the gold sticker, the dolls actually had printing on the box with the name of the doll that also said, ‘Display Doll’.


The Display Dolls made for 2000/2001 are as follows:

Urban Sport

Central Park Benefit Luncheon

Madison Avenue Afternoon

Beverly Hills Chic

Shakespeare in the Park

Manhattan Music Awards

Russian Renaissance

Champagne Bubble

Weekend Retreat

Metro Chic

Uptown Paradise

Tailleur Classique


Signature Style BA (Bending Arms)


TW 0112




Redhead (left)
TW 0113

Wheat Blonde (right)
TW 0111

Tyler Wentworth® is well known on 7th Avenue for the no-nonsense professional look she's developed. Most mornings Tyler goes to work in her white cotton shirt and slim black wool skirt with tailored belt.  Black sheer stockings and black pumps add a professional air.  As a nod toward her aunt's own unique personal style, she wears a single strand of pearls…definitely Tyler's Signature Style!



The Look of Luxe
Dressed Doll LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $124.99

The appearance of this ensemble on the runway marked one of those pivotal moments that left everyone buzzing at Tyler's 2001 fashion show, Her coat, a sublime mixture of new and daring material combinations over a two-piece cashmere dream, caught the eye of the Tres Chic and Fashion Design Weekly writers and was immediately coined "the look of luxe"; the new standard by which others would emulate. With matching hat and pumps, the ensemble's perfect lines in mocha, cream and burnished gold accents give the look that other combinations can only imitate.  Note:  12 sales sample dolls exist with the original face paint.  The inset image shows the production face paint for this doll.



Precious Metal (right)
Dressed Doll LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $169.99

At the American Beat Video Style Awards, Tyler stepped onto the red carpet with barrage of camera flashes and cheers from the Los Angeles crowd. Her creative style incorporated stylistic panache and eclectic grace, shimmering in a mermaid style burnished gold silk gown with tiny metallic sequins across the surface. Glistening touches at the ears and hips caught the eye of one of the nominated rock bands, which demanded to be photographed with her on the set much to the delight of reporters everywhere.




Standing Ovation
Dressed Doll LE 1,500
Original Selling Price: $149.99

Opening the new Vintage Collections Wing of the international Couture Arts Museum in Manhattan was a milestone in the world of fashion. Through Tyler's generous donation of 65 Regina Wentworth originals from her personal collection the museum's international position as preservation experts in haute couture continued to soar. At the honors banquet, the museum curator and the President of the American Council of Apparel Arts and Sciences presented Tyler with a special award recognizing her as a key benefactor to the museum's permanent collection. In a pink beaded and embroidered column wrapped in floating silk chiffon, Tyler graciously accepted her honor with a demure grace that lifted the entire banquet to its feet in an ovation of accolades.



Champagne & Caviar
Dressed Doll LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $99.99

At a private family party celebrating the 30th wedding anniversary of their parents, Sydney and her twin brother welcomes Tyler with a glass of champagne and an offering of a caviar reception before dinner.  Tyler shined at the Chase's Park Avenue residence wearing a multi-tiered, fan-pleated organza black cocktail dress of subtle proportion and eternal elegance.  The soft candlelit room created a dance of light across the dress bodice that spoke to Tyler's mastery of fabric choice.



Midnight Garden
Dressed Doll LE 1,000
Original Selling Price: $189.99

The mood heightened and the moon cast a lustrous blanket over the ambiguous shapes in the garden just before midnight. Tyler stood next to the Duchess of Clemens, excited with delight to finally see the renovations of the 500-year old public gardens at Clemens Manor. It was the culmination of the Duchess' three-year fund-raising and restoration project that brought to Tyler the need for a magnificent black silk gown, embroidered in the Duchess' favorite flowers and trimmed in velvet. At the stroke of midnight, the garden lights flickered into brightness as the surrounding sighs of delight brought tears to Tyler's eyes and joy to the Duchess.



Vienna Waltz LE 350

Collector's United Exclusive; Nashville 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes, original arms, red hair)


From Venice to Vienna, Tyler Wentworth® finalizes her European fabric sampling tour by co-mingling oriental themes of Venice and romantic arias of Viennese grand waltzes.  Tyler wore a lavish gown of gold, woven with oriental flowers in an Austrian symphony of east-meets-west harmony.  The delicate touches or organza at the shoulder and dual flounces at the skirt create an incantation of dance with waltzing ovations.  Accessorized with hair ribbon, pearl stud earrings, necklace, opera gloves and strappy sandals.  Note: This is the first make-up palette designed by artist, Sherry Miller to be produced in the Tyler Wentworth® Collection.



Nights in White Satin LE 500

(Originally planned at 1,000; but only 500 were made)

Corbett's Collectibles Exclusive; 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes, original arms, red hair)


A hint of a soft melody arose from the orchestra as Tyler Wentworth® opted for a tango as opposed to a rumba for their first dance.  Her dancing partner, a five-time ballroom dancing champion and dear friend, sharply turned her and watched the sumptuous white silk charmeuse conform tightly to Tyler’s leg.  Tossing her faux white mink and silk wrap aside, she stepped lively through the split of her dress and stood ready for the music in the drama of a one-shouldered draped gown. This was only available through Corbett's Collectibles, Maple Shade, NJ.




Romance LE 500

Tonner Doll 10th Anniversary Celebration Convention; Chicago 2001

Dressed  Doll

(blue eyes, original arms, brunette hair)


The debut of the soft wave hair style was the talk of the event as all marveled at the sweet gown in pastel pink chiffon and beautifully soft beaded and embroidered basque.  She was accessorized with beads in the hair, beaded necklace, rhinestone stud earrings and a matching chiffon wrap.




Fashion Show Finale LE 500

Portfolio Press Exclusive Special Gift Set

Dressed Doll

Includes the book, Here Come the Bride Dolls by Louise Fecher; 2001

(blue eyes, bending arms, brunette hair)


The first Tyler Wentworth® bride, she wears a 3-tiered gown of white embroidered lace.  Accented with beading, the bodice is a lace overlay with organza straps, garnished with bows.  She is accessorized with a bouquet, tulle veil, necklace, opera gloves, cluster earrings and strappy shoes.  This doll also includes a blue garter.



Masquerade LE 325

Modern Doll Convention; New Orleans 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes, bending arms, wheat blond hair)


A Masked Ball bring Tyler's sense of haute couture and costume into a marriage of elegance.  This black and coral gown recalls Roman-Greco themes with a crisscross of silk crepe at the bodice, skirt and train.  She is accessorized with a grand mask, opera gloves, black appliqué pumps and gold drop earrings.




La Femme Chic (left) LE 300

La Femme Chic Centerpiece (right) LE 20

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2001

Dressed Dolls

(blue eyes, original arms, pale blond hair & brunette)


A return to basic velvet elegance in a city of grandeur, Tyler wears two variations of the same design.  the black velvet edition is a coat dress, opening in the front with rhinestone buttons; the red variation opens at the back with silver bead buttons.  The red variation was hand-made in house at the Design Studio in Hurley, NY.  The black edition is accessorized with a black silk stole; the red has a chiffon stole.  Both include strappy shoes, necklace and earrings.



Ensemble d'Or (left and far right) LE 100

Galeries Lafayette Paris Exclusive 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes, bending arms, jet-black hair)


Cygne Noir (right) LE 100

CCPM Paris Fashion Doll Club Exclusive 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes, bending arms, pale blonde hair)


Both exotic takes on Parisian style, each very rare and sought after.  Ensemble d'Or is a gold brocade coat dress with gold buttons under a gold faux leather coat with faux sable trim.  She is accessorized with a matching handbag and shoes, and rhinestone stud earrings.  Cygne Noir is a flight of fancy with a beaded strapless lace bodice and full eyelash skirt.  She is accessorized with strappy sandals, hat, net gloves, and rhinestone stud earrings.



Signature Sleek - Special Edition

Tonner Doll Premier Dealer Exclusive; 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes, original arms, pale blonde hair)


Variation: Something Sleek - Tyler's daily regimen includes a swim at the health club lap pool in her apartment building. She exhibits an understanding of the need to balance fashion and function in her sleek black maillot trimmed in white. Her innate sense of style is also reflected in her accessories: sunglasses, black slides, and a monogrammed towel.  This special edition is named for the Tyler Wentworth® 'Signature Style' Ponytail in combination with the 'Something Sleek' fashion.



Fashion Design Weekly - Special Edition

LE 60

Bachelor II Dolls & Bears Exclusive; 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes with hand-detail by Robert Tonner, original arms, wheat blonde hair)


Variation: Dressed doll version of 'Fashion Design Weekly' Outfit - For her appearance at the FDW awards, Tyler Wentworth® shimmers in this aubergine hand-beaded floor length French lace gown.  The matching charmeuse stole falls gracefully from her shoulders as she accepts her first FDW award for Designer of the Year. She is accessorized with beaded strappy shoes, the FDW Award, beaded necklace and earrings, and a matching handbag.



Cover Girl Tyler - Special Edition; 2001

Wheat Blonde - LE 100 FAO Schwarz St. Louis

Red - LE 100 FAO Schwarz Chicago

Brunette - LE 100 Tonner Doll Collector's Club; Expo East

Dressed Dolls

(blue eyes with hand-detail by Robert Tonner, original arms)


Variation: Tyler in three hair colors dressed in Cover Girl - The jewel neckline of the Tyler Wentworth® peach and gold lace dress was perfect to show off a lovely long neck and classic bone structure. The dress is lined in a sheer sparkle net and peach chiffon. The sash on the dress ties in back to make a luxurious train of the chiffon. Cover Girl was definitely trés chic!  Note:  Blond and brunette share the same flip hair style; the redhead shares the original hair flip style used in 'Cover Girl Esmé' except Esmé has bangs and Tyler does not.



All That Glitters - Special Edition

LE 100 FAO Schwarz Mall of Georgia; 2001

Gift Set

(blue eyes, original arms, variegated metallic gold, wheat blonde and brunette hair blend)


Variation: The first Tyler Wentworth Gift Set using Collection Premiere, the last 100 pieces of the Party of the Season dressed doll fashion, and Urban Sport - Tyler Wentworth® unveils her first color story in a special gift set using monochromatic themes to achieve a triumph in wardrobe dressing.  All outfits are original as individually sold; however, this set includes a new belt and scarf accessory.  This color hair is perhaps the most rare of any ever produced to date.



Standing Ovation Gold - Special Edition

LE 50 - Gift courtesy of Robert Tonner to volunteers of the

Tonner Doll 10th Anniversary Celebration Convention, May 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes with hand-detail by Robert Tonner, original arms, red hair)


Variation: Gold version of Standing Ovation; hand-made in house at the Design Studio in Hurley, NY - Tyler Wentworth® says thank you to all her wonderful helpers in the gold silk metallic gown with metallic lace overlay.  She is accessorized with gold tone rhinestone necklace and matching studs, and strappy sandals.



Manhattan Music Awards - Special Edition

LE 60 Italian Fashion Doll Festival, November 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes, original arms, pale blond hair)


Variation: Dressed doll version of Manhattan Music Awards - The Manhattan Music Awards is THE event of the New York music season, covering everything from classical to rock. Tyler Wentworth® was delighted to be asked not only to dress some of the award nominees, but also to participate as a presenter. She chose a gown of black cut velvet with stripe insets of cobalt blue silk charmeuse. She accessorized the outfit with a matching cobalt blue stole, bag and shoes. Drop jet earrings were the perfect finishing touch. Let the music begin!  Note: this edition included a ceramic artists' pin from Italy, provided by the Festival Organizers.



Weekend in Washington, DC - 2001
LE1,000 Brunette
LE 250 Blonde

(curly hair, blue eyes; original arms)
Blonde version available only at Dollmasters

To escort in new and innovative ideas in weekend dressing, Trés Chic Magazine ran a cover story on exactly what one wears in Washington, DC at the personal invitation of the First Lady.  In the article, Tyler Wentworth’s now infamous White House Dinner Gown was reviewed with a couture travel ensemble for the glamorous executive woman not wishing to compromise the highest of style standards while on the road.  Tyler designed a multi-faceted ensemble of faux leather pants and skirt to coordinate with the black fur-trimmed overcoat, oversized and sparkling with crystal buttons.  Tyler tops her set with two versatile elements: a casual sleeveless sweater in fuchsia with a splash of jet beading at the neckline, and winter white blouse of crisp organza, sheer and pretty.  The luxurious touches of satin at the collar and cuffs with rhinestone buttons easily transitions from day to evening.  Virginia Chase marveled over the numerous wearing combinations in her article and promised her readers perpetual style and timeless sophistication from this House of Wentworth triumph.  “And,” she adds, “The teddy is to die for!”


Tyler Bride

From the book, Here Come the Bride Dolls by Louise Fecher; 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes, prototype bending arms, red hair)


Ivory silk shantung with miniature sequin accents.






Tyler Wentworth® Design Studio

Walt Disney World Teddy Bear and Doll Show; 2001

(green eyes, original arms, wheat blond hair)


Dressed Doll as shown at left with 5 couture outfits (3 at left, 2 at right) & dress stands; drafting table, & original design essentials.




Santa Baby Tyler

For NBC's Today Show Appearance; 2001

Dressed Doll

(blue eyes, original arms, brown hair)


Created for an appearance on Today, Tyler wears a red velveteen sassy Santa suit and is accessorized with gloves, faux fur trimmed boots, belt, hat, and opulent necklace and earrings.





Boston Bound - 2001
Dressed Doll LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $99.99

(Raven hair, brown eyes; bending arms)

Esmé hit the runway as the first model of Tyler Wentworth's 2001 Sportswear runway show. Tailored themes of Bostonian student vests and an updated contemporary version of the classic corduroy skirt brought warmth to the ensemble over a winter-white bodysuit and cream tights. Wrap all this up with a coral diamond-quilted coat with big pockets and the casual takes on a dressy appearance for the season. Ankle boats and a printed scarf provide the final notes to this jazzy composition. The outfit was such a natural for Esmé that it's no surprise she was recently seen wearing the same outfit while visiting friends in Boston.



Opera Gala Esmé - Special Edition

LE 30

Happily Ever After Exclusive; 2001

Dressed Doll

(brown eyes with hand-detail/red lips by Robert Tonner, original arms, jet-black hair)


Variation: Esmé dressed in Opera Gala - Manhattan's high society is abuzz at the opening night of the new Opera Season, as is Esmé as she takes her seat minutes before the curtain rises in her Tyler Wentworth® original. Afterwards, she descends the grand staircase in her red and black silk jacquard gown with matching cropped jacket. Esmé loves the elegance of its black fur trim and glittering jet buttons. Tyler designed the ensemble with black jet jewelry, black elbow length gloves, and opera glasses in a matching silk pouch to complete the ensemble. If Esmé's appearance is any indication, the new season is off to a brilliant start!



Sydney Chase
Dressed Doll Open Edition
Original Selling Price: $99.99

(brown left-glancing eyes, bending arms, raven hair)

(Two images to left: far left is original prototype; left is production doll)

It was Sydney Chase's specific flair and independent style that told her good friend, Tyler Wentworth, that she was a mover and shaker...and an alliance was soon created between both fashion professionals. Madison Avenue immediately quaked over the report that the House of Wentworth and Chase Modeling would be a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Tyler's business attire designs for Sydney were designed to meet a professional and evocative look. Partnered with Sydney's confidant smile and sweeping black hair, this silk tweed suit and silk crepe blouse/scarf combination worked perfectly with the sleek black boots from Tyler's 2001 collection.  The image to the far right shows the final approved face make-up.  This is the regular line debut Sydney Chase...the first Sydney to be released was UFDC Focus on Fashion Sydney.  NOTE:  Many collector's refer to this doll as 'Basic Sydney', although it is not a 'basic' doll...it is also known are the 'Original Raven Sydney'.



Black and White Ball Sydney
Dressed Doll LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $149.99

(brown right-glancing eyes, bending arms, pale blond hair)

(Two images to left: far left is original prototype; left is production doll)

One of the most coveted invitation of the year was the International Couture Arts Museum Black and White Ball in Manhattan. Sydney knew it was the perfect opportunity to build a major new alliance with the museum's fashion curator. Her Tyler Wentworth couture gown with a double teardrop train in black satin over a dramatic contrast of black and white stripes in a bold chevron was spectacular, indeed. Imagine everyone's surprise when she walked into the museum's Grand Foyer unveiling a perfect contrast of pale blond hair! The combination of a jet choker, matching earrings and black opera gloves created a portrait of femininity synonymous with Sydney Chase's joie de vivre. The image to the far right shows the final approved face make-up.



Sydney Chase - Focus on Fashion LE 500

United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) "Starry, Starry Night" Convention

Atlanta; August 9, 2001

Dressed Doll

(brown eyes, bending arms, pale blond hair)


This was the first released Sydney Chase doll.


The debut of Sydney Chase created quite a stir in the industry.  This ensemble, designed by Tyler Wentworth®, shows Sydney's edgy, 'mover & shaker' style.  A jersey wool blend dress with asymmetrical draped accents, it is accessorized with gold drop earrings, a matching wrapped trimmed in faux mink and knee-high 'croc' boots.  This marked not only Sydney Chase's debut, but also the debut of bending arms in the Tyler Wentworth® Collection. 

Did You Know? This was the first Sydney Chase made with forward glancing eyes.  Click here to view the UFDC Website.



First Appointment Mei Li - 2001
LE 1000

(Jet-black hair; brown eyes; bending arms)
Wears Russian Renaissance from 2000






Metro Chic
Fashion Only LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $59.99

Fashion Design Weekly recently ran a feature on Manhattan's most stylish business people and the 'About Town' gear they wear. Under the first heading of "Chic" appeared Tyler Wentworth in her modern adaptation of the traditional trench coat, cut to a new length evident of the season's hemlines. The pewter fabric used was specifically commissioned by the House of Wentworth to capture Tyler's vision of the contemporary coat and for the basic dress underneath. It's an all-or-nothing theme with Tyler as she matches even the umbrella to this hip combination. But she breaks the rules by contrasting only the boots to make a look of distinction. 

Note:  the newspaper was also included with 1999's Wake-up Call.



Chill Chasers
Fashion Only LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $74.99

One of the rare moments to get away from it all took Tyler to her family hideaway cabin in New England to escape from laptops and voice mail so she could sketch, paint and conjure new ideas of fashionable frivolity. In fact, it was on one such escape that she devised this clever ensemble that reinvents warmth and luxury in a satin parka with faux crystal fox. Tyler loves colorful sweaters inspired by Alpine shapes and knits fuchsia and tangerine with cocoa bean hues to top a pair of perfect velvet pants. With chill-chasing mittens, snappy snow boots, driving map and keys to the cabin, one can only imagine what inspiration will come to her next!



Pretty Young Thing (right)
Fashion Only LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $59.99

Shades of purple and gold have always been at the top of Tyler Wentworth's favorite color combinations, and she certainly draws on that variation to create a fuchsia and gold cocktail ensemble that established the standard definition for "pretty" in her 2001 collection. Esmé insisted on wearing this ensemble with its richly beaded gold handbag and gold sandals as she attended the Paradise club's uptown opening with Tyler to an explosion of paparazzi attention.




Uptown Paradise (left)
Fashion Only LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $69.99

When uptown happenings break, only those In the know make the list, and that was certainly the case for Tyler Wentworth as she displayed her unique gift for color manipulation at the opening of the up-to-the-minute new Paradise club. Her duplicate use of mandarin and lime are perfectly knit together in an airy sweater set over Eastern-influence silk pants interspersed with persimmon, rye grass green and aquamarine symbols of ethnic beauty. The handbag/shoe combination will be in everyone's casual wardrobe with versatile jewelry and an attitude to dance the night away.



Tailleur Classique
Fashion Only LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $69.99

From design room to business negotiations, Tyler Wentworth remains her best model as she jaunts across Manhattan to close the deal on her acquisition of a leading jewelry design and manufacturing firm. Her negotiating presence is a strong one in a clean metallic tweed, invoking flashes of silver and gold into a classically tailored suit with black velvet trim. Accessories are the key to Tyler's successful dressing recipe with jewelry, handbag, belt and pumps set to take her to the final handshake.


Passion (left)
Fashion Only LE 1,500
Original Selling Price: $89.99

There is a unique moment when an artist summons the elements into a composition that can be described in only one word...a word that also describes the artist's passion for the glorious. Tyler shows her basic emotions in this 2001 runway collection offering that creates a fitted fantasy of flourish in pomegranate silk embellished with circular reflections. Meticulous beadwork on the silk chiffon wrap is also seen in the bold jewelry that insinuates a Mediterranean sun setting over the cliff of some enchanted evening.



Prêt-à-Porter LE 500

Tyler Wentworth® Collection; February 10, 2001

(Outfit Only)

Traveling to Paris for the new season collections, Sydney Chase carefully selected key shapes and styles from Ty1er Wentworth's® 2001 couture offerings. Recently at Tyler's Market Week meetings with buyers to sum up the 2001 offerings and orders, Sydney spotted Tyler wearing this argyle sweater over a fan-pleated wool skirt and perfect white blouse. Along with the diamond-quilted bag and matching beret, it was just the look she needed when she met with the Paris houses for the 2001 Prêt-à-Porter shows.  Note: Outfit did not include Sydney's eyeglasses.



Powder Blue Pullover

- mini-boxed blue cable knit sweater

Tyler Wentworth® Collection; February 10, 2001


(shown right)






Drafting Table and Stool
TW AC 003

Tyler Wentworth® creates her fashion dreams from flat pattern and draping methods. Her drafting table is where it is all captured into cohesive designs ready for her sample makers to take the next step.  Such exacting details as polished drawer knobs and a brass drafting lamp complete the functional elements of this workroom essential.