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 Théâtre de la Mode 

2000 - Indulgences


Casual Luxury
Dressed Doll LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $169.99

On the first clear day in early spring, Tyler throws an a luxurious double-breasted camel hair coat over a heather gray turtleneck and winter white flannel pants for a brisk walk to the office. An "alligator" bag, belt, and boots provide the finishing touches to her outfit. En route, she receives a call from her good friend Esmé. Tyler is thrilled upon learning that Esmé will appear on the cover of the next Tres Chic magazine wearing an original.



White House Dinner
Dressed Doll LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $169.99

Tyler was delighted to receive an invitation to dinner at the White House in appreciation of her designing the First Lady's inaugural ball gown. Her entire design room was turned upside down to create the perfect dress for the event. Initially nervous about the occasion, Tyler appeared radiant and poised in an elegant magenta silk gown with beaded black lace overlay and matching jet jewelry. At the end of a dazzling evening of dining and dancing, Tyler was honored with a gift and a personal thank you" from the First Lady!

Note:  the 'gift' was a 'tailor's thimble' paperweight.

Did you know?  White House Dinner required a very special hand-beaded black lace that ran out during production due to unforeseen production issues.  As a result, less than a third of the edition could be made, making this one of the rarest line dolls in the Tyler Wentworth Collection.  In order to meet the overwhelming demand for this design, the fabric was custom made and 6 months later, Tyler Wentworth was able to offer the dress in a special gift set called Weekend in Washington, DC.



Something Sleek
Basic Doll Open Edition
Original Selling Price: $69.99

Tyler's daily regimen includes a swim at the health club lap pool in her apartment building. She exhibits an understanding of the need to balance fashion and function in her sleek black maillot trimmed in white. Her innate sense of style is also reflected in her accessories: sunglasses (not shown), black slides, and a monogrammed towel.  This doll came in brunette, blonde (shown) and redhead.




Opera Gala
Dressed Doll LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $169.99

Manhattan's high society is abuzz at the opening night of the new Opera Season, as is Tyler as she takes her seat in the Wentworth box minutes before the cur1ain rises. Afterwards, she descends the grand staircase in her red and black silk jacquard gown with matching cropped jacket. Tyler loves the elegance of its black fur trim and glittering jet buttons. She chose black jet jewelry, black elbow length gloves, and opera glasses in a matching silk pouch to complete the ensemble. If Tyler's appearance is any indication, the new season is off to a brilliant start! Inside the silk pouch are tickets!



Basic Esmé - 2000
Basic Doll Open Edition
Original Selling Price: $79.99

(Raven hair, brown eyes; original arms)

In a rare relaxed moment, Tyler went into a bookstore to browse. After making her selections, she noticed an incredibly beautiful young woman working behind the counter. Tyler introduced herself to the young woman and found out her name was Esmé. She was a pre-med student who was at first very skeptical about Tyler's suggestion that she model in the upcoming fashion show. Although she had been approached to model before, she never took it seriously. But having heard of Tyler and the House of Wentworth, she thought she would give it a try. After a lengthy conversation with the Chase Modeling Agency, Esmé was booked for her first show -The Tyler Wentworth Collection. 

Note:  Doll is shown with black hose, but she shipped with tan hose instead.



Cover Girl Esmé - 2000
Dressed Doll LE 2,000
Original Selling Price: $149.99

(Raven hair, brown eyes; original arms)

For her first cover shoot for Tres Chic Magazine, Esme was delighted to discover that the gown she would be wearing was a Tyler Wentworth original" The jewel neckline of the peach and gold lace dress was perfect to show off Esme's lovely long neck and classic bone structure. The dress is lined in a sheer sparkle net and peach chiffon. The sash on the dress ties in back to make a luxurious train of the chiffon. Esme's cover was definitely Tres Chic!





Vienna Opera Ball LE 400

Tyler Wentworth's® Spring Collection; Portland, OR; March 31 - April 1, 2000


(blue eyes, original arms, red hair)

The first limited edition exclusive in the Tyler Wentworth® collection.  This romantic gown uses over scale tulips to accomplish a trompe l'oeil effect within the jacquard base fabric with woven tulips and an overlay of organza and printed tulips.  Gold organza rests on a swag across the 'bustled' train.  The ensemble included a gold and 'opal' bead necklace with matching earrings, white strappy shoes and an organza ribbon in her braided coiffure.



Santa Fe Doll Art LE 400

Santa Fe Doll Art; Tyler Wentworth® High Tea; Albuquerque, NM; April 15, 2000


(blue eyes, original arms, brunette hair)

Invoking deep midnight blue with silver shimmers, this beauty draws inspiration from the desert sky at night.  In a signature Tyler Wentworth® treatment, the gown uses an overlay effect of lace (three variations were used as shown to the right) on a knit shot with silver threads.  At the bodice, a grand example of beadwork and embroidery.  The hairstyle used was a classic ponytail coiffed with a knot braid.  She was accessorized with rhinestone jewelry and matched stud earrings, opera gloves, and strappy shoes.



A Little Night Music LE 1,000

Corbett's Collectibles Exclusive; 2000


(blue eyes, original arms, wheat blonde hair)

The first limited edition store exclusive in the Tyler Wentworth® collection.  Tyler is a mystery in the evening gown of black knit overlay with applied sparkle and a beaded fall at the hipline, invoking city lights against a black sky..  The fit of the gown is assisted by the stretch quality of the fabrics.  She is accessorized with black strappy shoes, a velvet headband and rhinestone stud earrings.  This was only available through Corbett's Collectibles, Maple Shade, NJ.






Chicago Sophisticate LE 500

United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) "Fin du Millenaire" Convention;

Chicago; July 17, 2000


(blue eyes, original arms, red hair)

This gown was the grand surprise of the Tyler Wentworth® Fashion Show held during the UFDC 2000 Convention.  When this gown hit the runway, the entire room was abuzz as none had seen it revealed with the 2000 collection.  Perfection in fit and form inspired by architectural elements known to Chicago and of the floral elements in the city's parks, Tyler created this summer gown of white silk shantung embellished with pearl beads and embroidery in green and pink accents.  White silk ribbons were beautifully placed in her red updo and she was accessorized with a beaded necklace, pearl studs, strappy shoes and a matching shawl lined in lime green.  Click here to view the UFDC Website.



Palm Beach Nights LE 500

Walt Disney World Teddy Bear and Doll Show; October 19-21, 2000


(blue eyes, original arms, pale blond hair)

While Tyler is in Palm Beach for the Trés Chic magazine summer fashion shoot, she takes a rare night off and relaxes with dinner and dancing at one of Palm Beach's exclusive nightclubs.  Tyler wears a strapless form-fitting gown of white silk charmeuse.  For style and to protect from the cool evening ocean breezes, Tyler wraps herself in a luxurious silk charmeuse stole.  The gown is accented with gold jewelry (quarter moon earrings, wrist cuffs, and necklace) and strappy sandals.



Madison Avenue Afternoon
Fashion Only Open Edition
Original Selling Price: $59.99

Tyler is passionate about the colors of the three-piece silk ensemble she wears when looking at Madison Avenue real estate for the flagship boutique of House of Wentworth.  A persimmon red cropped coat tops a tank of melon silk worn over burnished gold pants.  Complimentary jewelry and gold sunglasses complete her look.  Tyler considers the afternoon well spent after she locates the perfect property for her boutique.  Note:  This outfit later became the inspiration for the Madison Avenue Gift Set in 2002.





Sweet Indulgence
Fashion Only Open
Original Selling Price: $59.99

Ah, the single life!  On a rare night at home, Tyler slips into a very glamorous retro nightgown of pale violet silk-satin and re-embroidered lace.  Her robe of pure silk chiffon and matching lace enhances the allure of this decadent ensemble.  Tyler's real pleasure, however, is in a box of chocolate truffles!

Note:  This outfit later became the inspiration for the Sweet Indulgences Gift Set in 2002.





Beverly Hills Chic
Fashion Only Open Edition
Original Selling Price: $59.99

Tyler was prompted to fly to Beverly Hills by a call from the owner of Le Chic Salon who asked that she select styles from her collection to be featured in a Wentworth display.  She chose to wear a classic white linen jacket, matching white linen trouser skirt and a fitted man-tailored shirt for the working meeting.  It was the perfect outfit for a sunny day in Beverly Hills!  Includes the miniature 'book', Isle of the Night by Paloma Kerr.







Premiere Pink
Fashion Only LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $89.99

While in California for a trunk show, Tyler was approached by a well-known movie director to costume his next film.  Although undecided about his offer, Tyler did accept an invitation to the premiere of the director's latest film.  She chose a pale pink sweater set with beaded embroidery over a matching silk ball gown skirt.  Tyler felt like a "star" as she walked on the red carpet past paparazzi into the theater.



Champagne Bubble
Fashion Only LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $79.99

Tyler was determined to make a memorable entrance at Chase Modeling Agency's annual spring cocktail party. Although dozens of beautiful models attended the event, Tyler held her own wearing a champagne-colored silk bubble dress, the bodice of which was hand-beaded with gold beads and pearls.  Much to her delight, she noticed that many of the models were wearing House of Wentworth designs. The newest model at the agency, Tyler's friend Esmé, also created quite a sensation.










Shakespeare in the Park
Fashion Only LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $89.99

Outdoor events often pose a fashion dilemma, but Tyler met the challenge and looked stunning in a silver silk lame gown with a tiered skirt of pleated organza. She was the talk of the Shakespeare in the Park benefit where all of New York's finest gathered to support the arts Tyler's good friend, Christian Wolfe, played the lead role in Shakespeare's Hamlet and she presented him with a bouquet of roses following the performance. 

Did you know?  Shakespeare in the Park remains as one of Robert Tonner's favorite Tyler Wentworth designs.  This outfit later inspired a special centerpiece doll to debut Fashion Jane at the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in 2003.






Russian Renaissance
LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $69.99

While touring Moscow looking for exotic fabrics, Tyler found this gorgeous brown and gold brocade. She couldn't wait to get back to her workroom to create this luscious two-piece suit. Tyler's three-quarter-length jacket has black velvet stand collar and cuffs, which she felt would be perfect with a short slim skirt. To contribute to the Russian theme, Tyler created this black velvet hat with gold leaf pin and matching bag. Tyler suggested black sheer stockings and black pumps with this sophisticated outfit.

Did you know?  This outfit was later used to release the debut edition of 'First Appointment' Mei Li?






Manhattan Music Awards
LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $59.99

The Manhattan Music Awards is THE event of the New York music season, covering everything from classical to rock. Tyler was delighted to be asked not only to dress some of the award nominees, but also to participate as a presenter. She chose a gown of black cut velvet with stripe insets of cobalt blue silk charmeuse. She accessorized the outfit with a matching cobalt blue stole, bag and shoes. Drop jet earrings were the perfect finishing touch. Let the music begin!

A special dressed version of this outfit was done for the Italian Fashion Doll Festival in 2001.



Weekend Retreat

On a visit to a northern New England woolen mill, Tyler was inspired to design this outfit that would be perfect for a weekend retreat. The outfit consists of Tyler's signature jeans, a lush cotton cable knit sweater, and a double-breasted coat of red wool double banded in black. Tyler accessorized the outfit with a black and white wool check duffle bag and black boots.


Wool Edition (left) - 2000
TW 8012    LE 3000
Cashmere Edition (right) - 2002
TW 8206    LE 1000



Market Week LE 1,000

Tyler Wentworth® Collection; February 12, 2000

(Outfit Only)

On 7th Avenue, during busy market week, Tyler needs to look every bit the designer as she meets with buyers.  Tyler spends as much time as she can with the stores to learn first hand about the needs of their customers.  On the first day of market week, Tyler chooses a fitted black wool jersey jacket with velvet collar and cuffs and her faux leopard straight skirt.  Black tights and short black boots add dash to her tailored outfit.  Being her own best model, the biggest request Tyler has is for the outfit she is wearing!  Note: Outfit did not include earrings.




Fashion Show Special - mini-boxed black cashmere sweater

Souvenir (shown left)

Tyler Wentworth® Collection; February 9, 2000










Shamrock LE 100


Collector's United Exclusive; Nashville 2000

(Outfit Only - mini-boxed)


The first exclusive 'fashion only' in the Tyler Wentworth® collection.  Each outfit in this edition was hand-made in house at the Design Studio in Hurley, NY.  A shimmering kelly green silk dupioni with black shamrock embroidery at the bodice.  Black trim lines the strapless neckline and waist.  The outfit was only accessorized with a matching shawl lined in black.



Dress Form


TWA 309









2000 - 3 patterns were produced by Tonner Doll Company, Inc.  There was only one printing.