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 Théâtre de la Mode 

1999 - Prelude & Millennium

Signature Style

Open Edition


Original Selling Price: $79.99


Tyler is well known on 7th Avenue for the no-nonsense professional look she's developed.  Most mornings, Tyler goes to work in her white cotton shirt and slim black wool skirt with tailored belt.  Black sheer stockings and black pumps add a professional air.  As a nod toward her aunt's own unique personal style, she wears a single strand of pearls.  It's definitely Tyler's Signature Style!





Two Generations of the first Signature Style doll exist.  The first generation (left) has paler make-up and lighter lips, the scalp is also not painted on these first doll - they are considered very rare.  The second generation dolls (right) had more make-up and darker lips.  There is rumored to be a 'Transition Generation Doll' that has the features of the first generation with a painted scalp; but we haven't seen one of these dolls to verify its existence.




Party of the Season is an elegantly dressed Tyler wearing a fitted strapless gown of sage green and gray striped silk shot with gold and topped with a French lace overlay. Around her shoulders she wears a removable shrug of the same French lace with a dramatic ruffled collar and cuffs. A glittering pin that sparkles in unison with her rhinestone necklace and earrings accents the bust. On her feet she wears strappy gold evening shoes, and her auburn hair is styled in an elegant braided coif.


When Party of the Season arrived, fashion enthusiasts were delighted at the use of fine couture fabrics, particularly the exquisite French lace...such materials were unprecedented in the industry for like products using polyester and lower grade synthetics.  Primary differences noted in the final product:  she wore her hair down in the back (a design change), the brooch varied slightly from the prototype, and the earrings were larger studs than originally shown.  Aside from Signature Style, this was the only dressed style in the Premiere Collection...the following Millennium Ball doll was promoted in 1999, but was not available until 2000.


Party of the Season

LE 2,500


Original Selling Price: $169.99



Millennium Ball

The last party of 1999 turned out to be THE party!  Tyler dazzled the paparazzi as she made her grand entrance.  She loved the contrast of this classically styled ball gown made out of a trés modern ice blue metallic silk.  Futuristic crystal jewelry completes the evening look.  And who do you think kisses Tyler when the ball drops on Times Square?



Note:  Included a 'TW' Private Label Champagne Bottle and two champagne glasses.  Gown includes a working zipper enclosure. Final version also included rhinestone studs as opposed to the drops shown in the prototype.  We still don't know whom Tyler kissed at midnight...and she's not telling! This remains as one of the biggest secrets in the Tyler story.



Millennium Ball

LE 3,000


Original Selling Price: $124.99



Central Park Benefit Luncheon
Fashion Only LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $69.99

Every Spring, the chicest women in Manhattan don their maddest hats to attend the Central Park Benefit Luncheon.  Tyler designed an embroidered celadon silk shantung suit with glittering rhinestone buttons.  It is accented perfectly by a hat created especially for her by a friend who is a leading milliner, which is delivered to Tyler's doorstep just in time for the event in its own silver hatbox.

Note:  Final version included the 'TW' logo in black on the hatbox.  Final version also included rhinestone studs as opposed to the drops shown in the prototype.  Final version of shoes was made in the same silk fabric used in the suit.





Urban Sport
Fashion Only LE 3,000
Original Selling Price: $59.99

Friends wait in the SUV as Tyler zips into the gourmet deli to pick up a few last minute groceries for their weekend mountain retreat.  For comfort and style en route she slips on a jersey mockneck and leggings with her taupe boots.  The metallic fabric of her drawstring vest and her quilted 3/4 coat add a touch of high style to her functional outfit.


Note:  Final version included a gold drawstring at the vest as opposed to the metallic fabric belt shown in the prototype.  Also...this doll was offered later in 2001 as a special edition Esmé with microbraids...see picture to right.




Collection Premiere
Fashion Only
LE 2,500
Original Selling Price: $69.99

First on the runway in Tyler's premier collection was this sleek suit of velvet laminate with a sleeveless silk and metal shell in tones of pale taupe and cream.  Nude stockings, suede pumps and a gold structured handbag finished the look.  Fashion Design Weekly raved about the dramatic gold bib necklace of crystals and beads.

Note: the outfit did not ship with a handbag, which was omitted from the final design.



Fashion Design Weekly  Awards
Fashion Only
LE 2,500
Original Selling Price: $79.99

Fashion Design Weekly Awards - For her appearance at the FDW awards, Tyler shimmers in this aubergine hand-beaded floor length French lace gown.  The matching charmeuse stole falls gracefully from her shoulders as she accepts her first FDW award for Designer of the Year.

Note: Outfit included the FDW Award and a matching handbag that was not shown in the prototype.




Fragrance Launch
Fashion Only
LE 2,500
Original Selling Price: $59.99

Mixing business and pleasure, Tyler looks every bit the entrepreneur in her chic black-and-white houndstooth suit.  Tyler selected this lovely Italian wool because of the interesting shot of gold that runs through the fabric.  She wears the fitted double-breasted suit jacket, which has a velvet portrait collar and matching cuffs, over a slim, tailored skirt.  She arrives at the event in a black wool hat that matches her dark stockings and black pumps.  And of course, she has her own bottle of Wentworth #1 perfume.

Note: Prototype shows polished pumps; outfit was produced with black suede-like shoes; included earrings were pearl studs as opposed to the drops shown in the prototype.



Gallery Soirée
Fashion Only
LE 2,500
Original Selling Price: $64.99

Tyler selected this sizzling cocktail dress from her premiere collection to wear to an important Soho gallery opening.  The scarlet silk shantung sheath hugs every curve.  Tyler mixes it up with a red lace shrug trimmed in flyaway fringe.  This hot look is accessorized with strappy sandals.  She carries her invitation in her matching silk clutch.


Note: Invitation cites an exhibit by Artist, M. Baver...both envelope and invitation are included. Did you know that Tyler's "Park Avenue Address" is on the Envelope?



Wake Up Call
Fashion Only
LE 2,500
Original Selling Price: $49.99

On those hectic mornings before work, Tyler throws her silk charmeuse robe over her two-piece tailored matching pajamas for a few minutes of respite with a cup of coffee, a bagel and the current copy of Fashion Design Weekly.





Cashmere Noir
Fashion Only
LE 2,500
Original Selling Price: $89.99

The ultimate in sophisticated luxury!  Tyler looks forward to cool New York autumn days when she can wear her long fit and flare black cashmere coat.  A luxurious shawl collar and deep cuffs not only keeps her warm, but also wrap her in the softest fabric available.  Black boots and specially designed jewelry complete the outfit.


Note:  A black silk charmeuse scarf was included with this fashion ensemble.